Monday, 18 May 2015

Make-up Mess-up

Ive finally had a free day to myself today. My new job is very demanding in the week, and my newly free weekends have been spent at a seemingly endless amount of birthdays, social events and catching up with some lost friends. But finally I had a free Monday so I thought id dress up for the first time in forever.

What a mess. Ok, im getting old and I need to get used to the imperfections on my face that comes with it, but I just couldnt get it right at all. My foundation was far too thick and didnt go over my beard cover so my face looked patchy, eyehsadow was a mess, mascara just seemed to want to rub off my eyes and onto my upper lids and upper cheek, I didnt even bother attempting eyeliner, my lipliner was all over the shop... Damn it was difficult. I felt like a beginner again, not that I was anywhere near a pro in the first place.

I need to practice, a lot, before I even think of going out again. It was a little disheartening to be honest and my confidence took a little knock. I thought I had a fairly ok look but apparantly I dont. At least not anymore. I took a few photos and I think the light in the room helped hide a lot of the imperfections and mistakes. Ok, I look a little washed out as well but a few came out pretty well, and the ones taken on the laptop camera makes me look soooo much younger! Lower resolution FTW!

I would love a makeover. To have someone qualified make me look as good as I can possibly be, to instill me with some confidence again. And im not on about a 'dressing service', a proper makeover by a proper makeup artist who knows how to get the best out of a face. Makeup counters are generally far too public though, I need something a little more private, which I suspect will be difficult to arrange. Ill need to look into that I think.