16/06/16: Went for makeup lessons at JECCA

05/09/15: Went to the Wayout Club in London.

15/11/14: Finally dressed up again after a 6 month hiatus

13/11/14: T-Central posted a guest post written by me 

26/08/14: Changed the name of the blog to "a part time girl". Its time to move past the negativity

02/05/14 - 04/05/14: Went to London and went out in Soho at night, then in public in broad daylight the next day

26/02/14: Went to my first NHS counselling appointment

25/07/13: Told my GP and added to waiting list to see NHS counsellor

12/07/13 - 14/07/13: Went to Sparkle in Manchester, and spent the weekend dressed and outdoors!

31/09/12: Went back to work

15/09/12 - 16/09/12: Went on my first night out to BNO at Pink Punters, and spent all night in heels. Then checked out of the hotel dressed up, and went to their day event as well

27/07/12: Met my partners best friend to help her understand this side of me, and to 'clear the air'

22/07/12: Came out to my partner

19/07/12: Started counselling for my gender issues privately

18/07/12: Went to Sophies Dressing Service in Bath to see myself fully dressed and made up properly for the first time, and had an amazing day!

10/05/12: Started posting on this blog properly

30/04/12: Went on long term sick from work due to stress, partially due to gender issues

29/08/11: Started this blog in an effort to help sort my thoughts out, but didnt use it for another half a year

??/07/11: First met another T-Girl for friendship

11/07/11: Bought my own clothes, wig and makeup for the first time. Aimee was born!

??/07/11: After persuasion from another T-Girl online, started making plans to try and explore this side of me