Monday, 29 August 2011

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to my blog. This first post is basically an introduction from myself, what I am hoping to gain and what you should expect from this blog. I am a 29 year old crossdresser based in the UK and I am currently in the closet, living with my girlfriend of 9 years who has no idea that Suzy exists. I have made friends with a couple of other crossdressers I have met online and have dressed up with one of them a few times as well so I know I am not completely alone.

Basically the purpose of this blog is to try and sort my head out when it comes to this side of my life. I found recently that writing out what I was feeling mentally was a great help so I thought I would start this and see how it goes. Im not even expecting people to follow or show interest in this blog, this is here solely to get whats in my head down to make it easier to process and some may not find it interesting. However if someone does end up reading this, feel free to leave a comment.

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