Thursday, 17 May 2012


So I seem to be living up to the title of my blog at the moment. Ive been off work for 4 weeks now (2 weeks to go) and I am bored out of my skull, the only problem is I have no motivation to do anything. I cant even be bothered to do my hobby (which I enjoy immensely), get dressed up, or even something so easy as firing my console up and playing some games of which I have many.

I feel like my life is not going where I want it to go, but at the same time im not sure what direction im meant to be going in. I cant decide if it is my relationship, my dressing (which I want, maybe even need, to do more convincingly), my work (which I hate), a combination of the above or even something else. Its getting me down again and I feel a lot more depressed over the past few days than what I have been over the last week or so, but even when feeling a bit more up generally I have my moments.

I was on a trip to London with my gf for the weekend and I was definitely happier when I was there but even then my short temper was showing through from time to time. I just seem to be easily agitated.

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