Monday, 27 April 2015

My New Skin Regime

Well its been a long while since ive posted. My new job is keeping me extremely busy, and the routine that comes along with it is slowly falling into place. Unlike the shifts I was working before, im getting every weekend off and start at 9am every morning, and while my end time is not guaranteed since I am a contractor and am contracted on work completed, not hours worked, the substantial pay increase more than makes up for it. What the new job has also meant is that since I am getting up at the same time every morning, im getting into a more regular sleeping pattern, one which leaves me a little more time in the morning to spend looking after myself a little better.

The skin on my face has not been in the best condition for a long while. Admittedly ive been meaning to get into a new routine for a long time but ive been really lazy with it. I have combination dry and oily skin with clearly visible pores dotted all over it, blackheads on my nose, flaky patches (I know, gross) mainly on my forehead, wrinkles, and all sorts. Im getting on a bit now (32 years old!) and the signs of age are really getting obvious.

The temptation was to stock up on girly cleaning products and moisturisers and so on, but then I thought getting mens products might actually work better for me than those designed to work on the skin of women. So my new routine consists of:
  • Every 2 days Rhino Skin Pore Reducing Facial Scrub in the morning
  • Daily No7 Men Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum morning and night
  • Daily Loreal Men Expert Vita Lift Anti Wrinkle and Firming in the morning
  • Daily Loreal Men Expert Vita Lift Eye roller in the morning
Ive only started using the serum today but the rest ive been doing for about 2 weeks now and the difference it has made is massive. My skin texture has changed and is consistently smoother and softer than it used to be, and the flakes have gone as well. While I havent tried, I can already tell that makeup is going to go on a lot better over the top of my skin. The only thing that is persistent is the blackheads and the pores they are hiding in, but I think its going to be a while before they completely go.

I do wish id started this a lot sooner. While I regularly get surprised comments when I tell people how old I am (including today by the girl threading my eyebrows) (assuming of course they arent just saying that to make me feel better about myself), my skin would be in a lot better condition than it is right now. Makeup helps to hide imperfections but the better the base the better it will work for you.

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