Monday, 1 December 2014

Exercise Update

I did Yoga 4 days out of 7 last week, but trying to do it from pictures on a few websites I found it felt awkward and I wasnt convinced I was getting into the right positions to get the full benefit. It turns out that maybe I wasnt.

Today I decided to actually work from a video instead, and a quick search on Youtube found there was plenty to choose from. I eventually settled on a channel called 'Yoga With Adriene', and in particular a video which contains a 40 minute workout for beginners. I worked through the whole 40 minutes and plan to for the rest of the week before reassessing. Theres definitely a lot more movement and other things to consider when you are in your poses, and these are things that were missed out on the written tutorials I had found.

It would have made sense to go straight to the videos from the start to be able to see the poses in action as well as an explanation, but the reason I didnt do this was because I wanted to avoid the 'spirituality' aspect of Yoga. I really dont buy into it at all and I didnt want to have to sit through a video of it, but well, it appears this is unavoidable. I do feel a bit silly doing it though, and my cat does seem to love attacking me while I am trying a few poses too, which isnt very helpful.

In Other News

The hair removal I went through the other week didnt quite work as well as I thought it had. My skin was pretty clear for the first few days but once again my back, shoulder, upper arms and chest are covered in loads of angry, sore red spots. Im at a loss to what I can do, I cant keep going through months of this after every time I decide to dress up.

I have also signed up for Pinterest, and I can be found here. I think for now it will just be a selection of ideas and things ive found that I might want to try to help advance my female side, including exercise, makeup, clothes, and so on. I thought id give it a go, and see if it is of any use.


  1. I do the same thing with Pinterest. Sort of a dream board for things.

    1. Yes, well im not sure if its something that will keep my (P)interest. It could be handy for exactly that, keeping a collection of ideas and things together, but we shall see.

      I hope your well! :)