Friday, 28 November 2014

Getting Fit... Again...

I am incredibly unfit. My joints creak and ache, and if I sit still long enough, they get stiff and uncomfortable when I have to actually move again. I make noises when I have to stand up (definitely getting old) and I have no stamina at all. Also my ham strings are so tight I can not totally straighten my legs apart from when I am stood up. So, the effort to get fit starts again.

This week I have been trying yoga, and I have done it 3 out of the past 4 days so far. Im not doing it properly by going to classes or anything, oh no. Im doing it my way. I have found a few websites with some beginners poses and this week have been copying the images and instructions, and the routine im doing takes about 20-30 minutes a day. Of course this may mean im doing some of the poses incorrectly, and I certainly dont feel any benefit from a few of them, but with others I can definitely feel the strain.

Yoga looks a lot easier than it really is! You see pictures of people looking all calm and stretching themselves out into positions with ease. The reality for me is aching muscles, shaking, struggling, and in one particular position I go light headed because im upside down for so long! Im sure it will get easier with time but right now my fitness level is so low I cant wait to get out of a few positions.

Im still trying to figure out which poses are the best for me, I want flexibility back in my legs, back and shoulders, and I want to tone without adding muscle. And there also needs to be the consideration that I currently have all the flexibility and grace of a brick. And if there is anything I can do to reduce my waist and/or help give me a slightly more feminine shape, ill do it! Ive been cycling through a few poses but I just dont really know which ones will have the effect I want.

I think in the long run I might look at figuring out a routine which is part yoga, part pilates, and part aerobic exercise to help shape and tone my body, and then maybe after that look at starting to go jogging again. But I definitely need to take it one step at a time.


  1. I think I should give yoga a try.

    My previous job involved a lot of physical labour, especially lifting, so I stayed in really good shape. The problem, of course, was that with all the testosterone in my body I put on loads of muscle and ended up with huge beefy man arms— not a look I want. :( This was one of several reasons why I wasn't very sad to be laid off.

    But I really ought to start some sort of exercise now that I'm unemployed and just sit around all day.

    1. That's not what you want really is it, unless your going for a muscle Mary look! That is why I want to stick to exercise that improves flexibity and tones muscle, rather than builds. I really struggle though, my muscles just have no give at all. This is going to take ages to get anywhere.

      If you've got all day, there's plenty of time to figure out a little routine. A quick internet search brought up loads of suggestions. A class would be better though, so there is someone there making sure you are in the right position.