Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Last night after work I thought I would pop around some clothes shops to see if I could treat myself to something nice and girly this xmas. I was after some pyjamas mainly as I have no girly sleepwear at all but came home empty handed in that regard. I did however find a cute top in H&M and some (fake) fur slipper boots from Accessorize which were both in a sale. I would have been happy to buy more things but im really trying to be ruthless with what I buy. Ive bought a lot of clothes in the past which ive barely or never worn, and its a waste. Having a wardrobe full of stunning party dresses is great if you have parties to go to!

Ive been shopping in ladies shops before while dressed as a guy, and a lot of the time I just try and be confident and push through it, and on a few occasions even outing myself to the staff at a makeup counter. I didnt even need to one occasion but I was feeling brave! Sometimes though there is a niggling feeling or paranoia, and I get very self conscious of being the only guy in the shop, occasionally to the point where I have to turn around and leave.

Last night though I was absolutely fine, I had no issues walking around doing my thing, perhaps the cover of xmas helped. After a while of weaving through aisles of clothes I came to realise that other ladies in the shop were not paying any attention to me at all, they were just going about their business looking for something nice to wear. I also noticed I was not the only guy shopping solo in the ladies sections either, not only that but there were also groups of guys in there browsing and picking things out, presumably as presents for partners or family, but you never know! :)

Looking back I cant think of any time where ive been shopping where staff or other people have given me any impression that they knew who I was buying for (me!), apart from that one occasion last time I was in London where I was trying some ballet flats on and someone working there was watching what I was up to. But I was being pretty obvious then!

I guess the point of this post is to say not to worry too much if you decide to go shopping on your own. Guys buy clothes for the girls in their lives all the time, as long as you arent holding the dress up to yourself, im sure you will be fine. If you are worried, walk around with a list in your hand, have a pre-prepared excuse if you need to (xmas, birthday, etc), but other shoppers and staff wont bother you unless you give them an excuse to. And even if they do figure it out, does it really matter? The staff just want a sale, you might be the subject of their gossip for a bit but thats about it, and as for the other shoppers, who cares! If you are shopping locally though, obviously consider the chances of bumping into someone you know.

I usually shop online and its great if you are worried about being seen in ladies shops, but sometimes its nice to go out and actually see the clothes for real. I was in Topshop and saw a green one shoulder dress I had seen online which looked very pretty, but looked absolutely stunning seeing it for real. I wanted to buy it even though I would never be able to wear such a thing, and its on sale too. Damn it. I wish my hips were just a little bit bigger!


  1. Yeah, it's odd isn't it. Is there really difference when shopping in bloke mode for our loved ones or ourselves? Realistically, probably not, but in the early days, I felt that everyone knew.

    As to bigger hips, have you tried making your own hip pads at all?

    1. I think its the paranoia of being found out that just plays with your/my head, if I wasnt trans I imagine I would be able to shop for my partner with no issues because I just wouldnt have this hanging over me, it just wouldnt even come to mind.

      I havent no. I have considered padding though, a friend of mine bought silicone ones that she swears by (apart from them getting a little sweaty sometimes). The thing is, at the moment I am trying to look as good as I can, as naturally as I can. I dont use any 'specialist' trans products (apart from a gaff), even my day-to-day 'breasts' are just chicken fillets, the same as any other girl might use for a bit of confidence. Still, for a night out or special occasion it might be worth getting something though. Yours were home made werent they?

    2. I know in the early days of shopping I would buy a Birthday card too so I could say that the clothes I was purchasing was a present. Nowadays I'm just brazen and go for it, if i want something that bad I don't care what others think. You always get the odd checkout assistant jokingly asking "are you wearing that at the weekend?"

      If you act confident then nobody bats an eyelid.

    3. Haha yeah I did have that from a male checkout assistant once, and I just joked about it and left once I paid. Im sure its a stock joke to have with customers for some of them.