Thursday, 2 January 2014

Another New Year

I hope you all enjoyed your New Years festivities, and that your 2013 went well and your 2014 goes much better!

So this is it, 2013 is now over. It feels like every year is passing a lot faster than the last and I get the impression things time is only going to accelerate with each year that passes. Ive just been over the new years resolutions I made last year and also thinking about the things I wanted to change about my real life as well and while there have been a few definite high points these are very rare in what has been another slow and low year with no real sustained movement in my trans-life. Some of this can be blamed on work, with my horrible shift pattern getting in the way of having social time, but the rest can be blamed on me being apathetic or miserable at my state of affairs. My enthusiasm for life just seemed to tail off pretty quickly as the year progressed. However, towards the end of this year I seem to have started to find my mojo again so heres hoping 2014 will be different.

Out of the 12 trans-resolutions I made last new year, I only managed to do 3 and even then not fully:

  • Get body waxed (well, I got my chest and arms waxed)
  • Get a new wig
  • Go on a long weekend away to spend totally as Aimee (I went to Sparkle, but I didnt get to spend the whole weekend 24 hours a day dressed up)

And to be honest, compared to some of the others these seemed like the easiest to do. So this year once again I want to make resolutions, and will be using what I didnt complete last year as a starting point:
  • Start and maintain an exercise regime to keep fit without adding bulk. Start with things I can do at home after work like some simple stretching to increase flexibility, then go onto something like Yoga or Pilates, before maybe going onto something like jogging 3 times a week
  • Look at my diet and try to eat a little healthier. Cut out chocolate and look for things to snack on that arent full of sugar or salt. Im fussy so this wont be easy
  • Work on feminine mannerisms and movement somehow
  • Start and maintain a proper face routine, need to improve facial skin quality
  • Regularly shave my face (around every 2-3 days), do it after work if I find mornings too tight
  • Look into permanent (well, semi permanent) beard removal
  • Regularly keep my body hair in check
  • Get eyebrows tidied professionally and maintain
  • Get a new wig (yes I want another one, maybe a bit shorter this time)
  • Expand my social circle and meet people face to face more regularly
  • Go to a spa day
  • Go to Boots and have a chat with them about their hair retention program, with the aim of growing my hair out
  • Get a manicure and possibly a pedicure
  • Go out at least bi-monthly, whether its to a T friendly bar or a daytrip somewhere, even if I have to go alone
  • Go on a long weekend away to spend dressed up 24 hours a day
  • Go clubbing as Aimee, and by clubbing I mean to a 'straight' night, not a T or Gay venue
  • Post on this blog once every week

So, not a small list by any means. :)

As I made note of last year, the lifestyle changes are the ones im going to find more difficult to take on board, and I proved it too! Im hoping by being more specific in what I want to do, and the times to do it I can make them more realistic and in turn, more likely for me to complete. I had a lot of real life distractions last year that got in the way, im determined that this year is going to be a fresh start for me. I want to get to a point where by the end of this year im happy (well as happy as I can be) with my female presentation, but im not going to get there without putting in some work. And im hoping that some of these changes will also positively impact my real life too.


  1. Can I suggest one more ?

    Learn to love how unique and special you are

    1. Awww! This made me smile! :)

      Well, im hoping the majority of the list is the means to hopefully achieve this very goal! If I cant be myself then it will be (and has been) much harder to love myself.

      Over the past few weeks, regret aside, ive actually been feeling pretty good about myself, this is why im hopeful that this new year will be a new start for me in many ways.

  2. I'm tired just reading that list. :-) Good luck with it and I hope you manage to tick a few achievements off it in the coming year.

    1. Haha I know, thanks Lynn! On the one hand I think it is a bit much but I know a lot of these are more long term goals to be spread evenly across the year. Im not going to just try and start making all of these changes straight away, it would be a bit much I think. I need to have a look at prioritising them and then taking things from there.