Saturday, 28 June 2014

Real Life Issues

Its been a long time since my last post, im still here but ive had things going on in work that have been playing on my mind. Around the time of my last post I was investigated for gross misconduct, something I felt at the time was being done unfairly, and still do. I dont want to go into loads of detail but the investigation and disciplinary dragged out over a protracted amount of time for no good reason, causing me unnecessary stress. I was given a final written warning when in 8 years I have never had any disciplinary, or been pulled up for anything like this before. When I was given the outcome I thought the stress would subside, but it didnt. And since then I have been off work on the sick due to stress.

I went through my appeal today which was not a fun experience, but to be honest I think there is an ulterior motive and I dont think my appeal is going to do any good. Unfortunately due to the fact the investigation was poorly handled by my line manager, I have had to drop him right in it. Its against my nature to do this sort of thing usually, but I feel like im backed into a corner and I have to do what I can to try and defend myself. After this is all done, I might have to change to a different manager. That is if I go back of course.

I think im going to have to look for a new job. The atmosphere has changed so much over the past year, lately I liken it to Game of Thrones. Everyone has their own agenda, I never know who to trust, and when I least expect it I get a knife in my back. Its a shame, there are good people there, some of which ive worked with for a very long time. They are wasted at such a waste of a company.

This whole crappy situation has just dragged me down.

After London I promised myself id make more of an effort with my T side, and at the very least id keep my eyebrows tidy after paying to get them threaded. But with all this stuff going on its been the least of my worries to be honest and I have really let myself go. But since the appeal is now over (at least until the outcome in 1-2 weeks time) im going to try and start putting this behind me as much as I can, and start getting myself back in shape next week. I want to build myself up to having a me day next week, since it is long overdue.

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