Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A New Look, A New Outlook

So, I realise ive been away from here for a while. The work stuff is still an issue but im not stressing over it anymore. When a company is actively trying to fire you unfairly in order to avoid paying redundancy, I couldnt help but get a little bit annoyed. Its not over yet but things have calmed down, and I will shortly be seeking employment elsewhere. I have no nice words to say about that place, or the people who try (and fail) to run it.

Anyway, enough of that.

You may have noticed ive given the blog a nice touch up. A splash of colour, a heavy dosing of spotty-goodness (I adore spots, and polka dots, and anything like them), and a change of name to reflect a new outlook I am trying to adopt. Im not too sure what to do about the URL though, I really want to change it but then a few people might not be able to find my blog anymore.

So yes, onto my change of outlook. I dont want to be a negative Nancy anymore, I want to be a positive Polly! Ive calmed down a lot over my T side lately, and while I still havent dressed up since May, im pretty ok with it. I miss it dreadfully, but its not depressing me. Soon though, I intend to get back into dressing up again. I still want to get out more, and intend to do something about it.

More posts to come soon, I realise I have been away for a while but as mentioned above real life has kept me very busy. I do have some thoughts and ponderings ive been meaning to share for some time, once I can get some time to properly arrange my thoughts, I shall do so.


  1. Welcome back. The new colour scheme has pop! :-)

    PS: I saw the card on Flickr, your partner wrote for you, that's lovely.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I tried so hard to resist the obvious choice of pink... ;)

      The card was a really nice gesture. She gave it to me a month or two after I came out to her, the same day I was going on my first girls night out. I still have it stuck to the door of my tranny-cupboard, and it still brings a smile to my face.

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    1. Thanks Becca! Ive not heard from you in ages, I hope your well! x