Friday, 7 June 2013

A Few Little Things

We didnt end up going to Bristol again the other night. Right at the last minute it all seemed to fall apart which is a shame. I was extremely nervous about going but it would have been an experience good or bad, and I would have at least like to have tried it. Its kind of my fault because I cant get changed at home and leave from here and I was relying on being able to change at other peoples homes, but that plan kind of fell through, and the backup plan too. These things happen! We are talking about trying again on the 22nd, and this time we will book a hotel room on the way there to use as a makeshift changing room. Hopefully this will avoid a repeat situation.

I didnt totally waste my time though. Since id shaved, pampered, plucked my eyebrows and even painted my nails, I spent the day yesterday wearing a skirt with my legs out. I dont think ive actually done that at all in my trans* career yet so far since I was always hiding hair or it was too cold, and it was really nice to do it. I look forward to more opportunities this summer! Hopefully this summer ill actually be able to get out and about in the sun with my legs out, rather than hiding at home!

I wanted to take advantage of the light and the effort id put into dressing up so I thought id take a few new portrait photos, and I figured out an easy way of getting decent shots since I usually take loads and often they look wrong (wrong face position, bad light, etc). It took me ages to figure this out and I dont know why I didnt think of it sooner, its so obvious. I just recorded a video and took screenshots of the moments I liked best. Genius! Im really happy with the way that these shots turned out too, they arent the highest resolution but for what I want them for im happy with that. Im also no longer watermarking my photos either, its a lot of hassle and I dont really see the point anymore. I used to really worry about my photos being misused but I think ive calmed down about that now.

And finally on the makeup side of things I have been using Keromask camouflage cream the past few times I have dressed up, its definitely a far better coverage on my beard shadow than anything else I have used so far, but it still doesnt look quite right. It says it is a foundation but I have been using it as a concealer and putting my normal foundation (MAC gel foundation) on top. The end result is a little greasy but it might be the way im layering it. I want to post my own little review of it but will wait until ive been able to experiment a little more and have had a chance to try a few different techniques, but if I can get it looking right then this might actually be the miracle beard cover I have been looking for.

Summers here and I hope this year Aimee gets to actually see some of it!!! 


  1. Its a shame that the event didn't come off but at least there is a desire to make it happen. A hotel room is such a good idea.

    As for the make up ... I know a big step but have you Thoth about a lesson - even if you go as bob ?

    Nice photos and I am sure you will be fine. As time goes on I think that we realise that most people are not really that interested .... There are far juicer photos out there !

    1. Yes, a hotel room is definitely something to bear in mind for next time, just for somewhere to change.

      I have thought about lessons, but I wouldnt go somewhere local because generally the makeup places arent private enough. Sparkle is a serious option now so if we do go it might be something to look at doing there.

      Aw thank you Becca! :) Ive just got paranoid visions of my face ending up on some kind of 'bad-tranny' meme and spread across the internet!!!! Itll probably never happen though! :)

    2. It won't happen!

      I am going to Sparkle. Might see you there

    3. Haha I hope so. If it does, ill be blaming you since you said it wont happen! ;)

      Well, ive just put my money down for a hotel in Manchester that weekend so I might be there too, if I can bring myself to leave the hotel that is.....

    4. You can blame away ..... and anyway whose to say mine wont be chosen before yours? Why are you going to get preferential treatment?

      I have never been to Sparkle but from what I have heard there are ladies with full beards on occasions. I think that this will be one weekend where no one will bat an eyelid and you can relax and just be you. I do hope you leave the hotel .... Would be nice to say hello ....

  2. Hi Aimee,

    I just stumbled across your blog. I look forward to reading more of your entries.