Sunday, 2 June 2013

Going Out Attempt Number 2

So it looks like Bristol is back on the cards again, and we are planning on going on Tuesday! Thats the day after tomorrow! It was planned on very short notice and the whole group of 4 of us are free to go as well, plus we will be meeting someone there as well!

Im nervous. Really, really nervous. I know people in Bristol that live and work in the city centre (in fact very close to where we are going), what if I bump into them?

Ive been frantically practicing my eye makeup today in an effort to be at least half decent at it before Tuesday but I couldnt get anywhere with it. I was putting it on and taking it off so much the skin around my eyes are now raw from where I have been rubbing them with wipes. I dont know where im going wrong with it to be honest, ive followed a few tutorials, tried a combination of colours, brushes and techniques and every time I looked like id been punched in the face with a paint tray. Also because of the shape of my eyes, whenever I put eyeliner on my top eyelid it is pretty much all you can see when my eyes are open.

I think ill just put eyeliner on the bottom lid and mascara on my eyelashes on the top lid because I can do them fault free. As far as the shadow goes though, I dont know what to do to be honest.


  1. Its so very easy to say don't worry but I know that's pointless. I would seriously not worry too much about the eyeliner - just go with some mascara and a little bit of shadow. I just use my finger mostly for this, brush sometimes. Most important is dressing appropriately

    I really hope it comes off this time and you enjoy yourself. As for meeting someone you know. Doubt they would recognise you? Aren't you more likely to win the lottery.

    Good luck

    1. Thank you for the makeup advice, I never thought to use my fingers... Ill have to give that a go. Well the outfit is pretty much sorted out with the help of my lovely girlfriend so it should be appropriate.

      Haha, but as with winning the lottery, there is stil a chance! Im not too worried to be honest, the proximity to my friends work is alarmingly close but im going to give it a go.

      We didnt end up going again and have replanned it for the 22nd... I dont think we will ever get there!

    2. I hope it all come off this time.

      As for sparkle, I hope you make it ...I am not sure about the entertainment but I think the weekend should be fun

  2. ...whenever I put eyeliner on my top eyelid it is pretty much all you can see when my eyes are open.

    I'm not expert, but this sounds familiar. I think it's our brow shape that's the tricky part. Have you had a look at tips for hooded eyes?

    As Becca says, you don't need much for daytime. A slight colour wash, mascara and maybe a subtle dash of eyeliner should be okay.

    Good luck with the big day out. I hope all goes well.

    1. I have done yes but I dont think they take into account the fact my eyes are massively hooded. I think I am going to ditch using eyeliner on my top lid entirely, and just line the bottom. I cant the it thin enough to stop it looking like ive got panda eyes!

      Thank you. The night out was unfortunately cancelled right at the last minute but we are trying again for the third time on the 22nd of this month. Third time lucky?