Friday, 2 August 2013


Ive just had 3 days off (back to work tomorrow, yay!) and have literally wasted my time. I wanted to dress up but just couldnt bring myself to do it. I was really looking forward to it too but the shaving, plucking and painting seemed like too much effort, and as much as I tried, mentally I just couldnt push myself through it.

So what have I got to show for my 3 days off? Nothing. I have literally done nothing but sit on the couch in my living room staring at the internet for 3 days. I havent done anything else, no hobbies, no gaming, no music making, nothing. Ive just sat here feeling miserable.

I know the anti depressants can take up to 2 weeks to take effect but I do hope that things get better than this.


  1. Can I suggest something? I appreciate that you might not like the effect but how about dressing even if you don't do all the added extra bits ? I know that the effect in the mirror might not be pleasing - so don't look.

    I know that we all work differently but it **might** lift the mood a little ? Works for me when I cant be bothered to faff about. The clothes are an outward presentation of who I am - even if I have stray hairs all over the place ......

    1. Well my next day off is Tuesday, so I will probably be trying again then although I might have to go shopping for my partners birthday which is the following weekend.

      I might try that. I mean, I have tried it before and it never felt right because I was aware it wasnt the complete image, but it might be worth a shot.

      Thanks Becca! x

    2. It might help, who knows .... as you say worth a shot. Have to say I think Lynn's suggestion is a great one ..... I have been known to walk home when things have got really bad ~ 17 miles ......

      Even in my earlier days in Cardiff I would walk home to Llandaff when really unhappy....

    3. Wow thats a pretty long walk! :)

      I walk to and from work and I actually quite like the walk back sometimes, especially after a horrible day. Its quite nice just to cool off and try and forget about things by the time I get home.

      When im already demotivated though and already at home, its more difficult to do. Ah well, im a bit better today anyway. Thank you! :)

  2. The weather's not exactly conducive to full on warpaint etc is it. :-)

    Cut yourself some slack, Aimee. The tablets will kick in at some point, just ride it out as best you can. It's tough and it's horrible, but you will get through this.

    Talking of suggestions, and you really won't feel like this... :-) .. but get outside and do something. Put the books, gadgets and whatnot away. Go outside and walk. Nothing more, drive some place new - a country park, or a long footpath - and keep on walking. Don't think about yourself, just look at the surroundings. No, it won't fill you with the joy of nature, or sooth your soul, but it just might break you out of the loop of over-thinking.

    Personally, I went strawberry picking. You can't think about your woes when you're rummaging in the plants looking for the best berries. :-)

    Look after yourself,

    1. Yeah, sorry. I just couldnt believe I wasted 3 good days. I still felt low today but that tailed off over the evening.

      Going outside? You mean, in the fresh air? Away from my gadgets and toys? I couldnt!!! ;)

      I should walk more, and I know that. Well, I should exercise more to be honest but finding the routine for that has been difficult. There is a park literally round the corner, I should use it a bit more even if only to just try and clear my head.

      Aw, that does sound like a good way to clear your head. Shame there is no farms around here.

      Thanks Lynn! x

    2. Okay... repeat after me: "I didn't waste three days, I kicked back." :-) Go on, out loud, maybe not in public tho. :-D

      Rather than watch TV, or read Facebook, just put an hour aside to walk. A friend - someone who recovered from a breakdown (bless him) - once told me he'd had this suggested. Get a timer, set it for an hour or two, then just go and walk. When you find a nice spot to sit down, rest and just enjoy the view. Look at the sky, look at the world. If there are people about, imagine where they are going, or who they might be.

      I know this is all a bit 'male orientated solutions' :-) - but getting out of the house, is a good thing. Ironically, when you're down, the very last thing you want to do is anything physical. It can feel like you're about to climb a mountain, but do it. <3

    3. Thanks Lynn! x

      All good advice of course, as you said though, when your down its not always so easy to motivate yourself.

      Ive been a lot better over the past few days now, hopefully im over this little bump.

  3. It's such a lovely walk as well. Two circuits with some bread for the ducks ! Lovely

    1. Here, here! There's a lot to be said about a long walk and getting to feed the ducks.