Friday, 13 September 2013

Little Things

I still havent dressed up since Sparkle which was now 2 months ago, but over the past few days ive taken a few baby steps. I have kind of let my appearance go lately so the other day I took some time to groom myself and tidy up my eyebrows a bit, I was going to dress up but after all the effort I couldnt face doing anything else. I also trimmed, filed, and painted my nails for the first time in ages too which was nice, and then took it off yesterday evening. It wasnt as fulfilling as dressing up but it certainly cheered me up a little.

Last night though I had an idea. Just before I went to bed I painted my ring finger on both hands in a few coats of clear nail polish and then wore it to work today! And im still wearing it now! No-one has noticed (as far as I know) and my partner doesnt know about it either. If she had noticed she would have brought it up. I dont know, I might have been having a good day anyway, but just knowing it was on, and being able to feel it when running my fingers over the nails seemed to make the day a lot more bearable, and the GD a lot calmer than usual. I might have to keep this up!


  1. Clear nail varnish.... It's surprising what you can get away with. I have messed around with all kinds (and ruined my nails with Nail Envy) but at the moment I have coat of Rimmel clear base coat (it's pale pink in the bottle) on all the time. It's a bit shiny but nobody comments on it or stares. My wife, who is not very keen on my CD side doesn't object, which greatly relived me.
    Time to try all your fingers, for the weekend at least? In my opinion life is too short to get all agonised about getting it 'exactly right'. You only find out where the boundaries are if you get a mild ticking off occasionally!

    1. The polish ive been using is quite shiny too, im still wearing it up until now as well. My gf was looking at my nails yesterday and did not notice it at all, either that or she just said nothing.

      Im not brave enough to go for all of my nails, I save that for when I can dress up. Im not too bothered about pushing boundaries, I agree with what your saying, im more bothered about other people asking questions about it since this could complicate things with my gf.

  2. I wore clear nail varnish for years all that time one person asked me in 5 years. You know what I said - yeah it's stops me biting my nails. No further comments ever. Job done.

    Comments about my female socks = loads. Answer ..,, yeah I wear them cos they are clean, bright and it annoys you ! Further comments = several ! Bothered = No

    Good for you