Monday, 30 September 2013

Gotta Stop

Well, the past few weeks have been an interesting experience. Since upping my dose nearly a month ago the medication has been having some adverse effects. Once they started bedding in, every night for weeks now I have been having the most vivid, crazy, lucid, random, intense dreams I have ever had. Ever. Theyve been great fun and as long as they dont turn to nightmares id be happy for them to continue. The problem is that I am also grinding my teeth really hard and fidgeting like crazy in bed every night as well, which means im hurting my teeth and jaw,  im not really resting properly, and I also keep waking my gf up. The other night I was kicked out of bed at 1.30am because she had had enough of me bouncing around.

Ive got a GP appointment again this week, im thinking of asking to be taken off them totally and see how that goes. Im fed up of having a cloudy head and feeling tired all the time. I am physically and mentally exhausted, and at this point id rather be miserable than this tired!


  1. I can completely understand what u are going through Aimee, I went through the exact almost same scenarios although I didn't sleep at night, it was just random times, I remember the strange dreams too like wanting to live inside a can of spaghetti. The only bad thing for me though, the pills played havoc with my system, up and down and I requested to stop them. Talk with the GP, if they suggest upping the dose to balance it out in your system, then kick the pills to the curb, because it isn't going to work, they did that to me, the effect was just the same only more fidgety, restless and tired

  2. It might be that the tablets you're on, they're not quite right for you. It may also be that you need your dose adjusting. Hopefully the quack - sorry, doctor - will know what's going on.

    Just don't stop straight away. It's not a pleasant experience to come from a high dose to zero. <3