Thursday, 9 May 2013

New Wig

I finally managed to get a new wig and I am so happy with my purchase! I popped over to Contrast Wigs for a fitting and came back with a very long brown wig which not only has a parting (something my last wig didnt have) but its long enough that I can wear it up too!

I was very nervous when I got there, ive only ever met a few people to talk openly about this side of me, and I suppose non-trans people make this a little worse. Sue was very nice though and managed to put me at ease.

I was only meant to be there for up to an hour but I was so indecisive with the wigs she gave me, she ended up just leaving me to it with the final 4 for ages while I went backwards and forwards trying them on and retrying them again and again. I finally made my mind up and got the one in the picture. I forget what it is called though, but I think it is the Willow XL. And to top it off it is fairly reasonably priced too.

I wasnt able to do anything with my old wig because of the design of it (it was only a cheap one) but with this one I have options! Ok, the parting is still stuck in place but I can at least wear it with clips, hairbands, and even wear it up too! This is one thing I really wish I could do in real life and having a wig that lets me wear it up is just amazing, I love it. I think im going to have to look at earrings now, I never saw the point with my old wig because you couldnt see my ears anyway. Also the quality of this wig is so much better than my old one too. It is synthetic but the feel of the hair is so much softer than my old wig, and it feels a lot lighter too.

Thank you Sue at Contrast Wigs for my amazing new wig, I think I will definitely buy from there again in the future.


  1. Looks lovely,especially with the clip !

    1. Thank you! Ive wanted to be able to do that for so long, as soon as Sue showed me I could at the wig shop, I was sold!!! :)