Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Best Laid Plans....

Well it looks like Bristol isnt happening. Our original group very quickly whittled down to just the two of us, and due to a few factors we decided it was best to postpone our night out.

On the one hand im a little dissapointed, ive spent a lot of time this week stressing, nearly not going, then persuading myself to go again. And today I went to get a hot shave in a barbers (which I shall talk about shortly), went shopping in town with my amazing girlfriend who helped me pick out some accessories and makeup, tweezed my eyebrows and also spent a good hour shaving myself too. It seems like a lot of effort gone to waste. On the other hand its probably a good thing because ive bought a load of new makeup and havent had a chance to test it yet. It could have all gone horribly wrong and I wouldnt have a chance to fix it. It does mean that tonight I will have plenty of time to test it now so I know if itll work for next time, which will make me a lot more confident.

So back to the barbers. I opted for a hot/wet shave with a pre-shave facial, which to be fair felt really good. When I sat in the chair the girl had a look at my face and said that it looks like ive got really sensitive skin because she could see irritation all over my neck from the last time I shaved, which considering I havent shaved since the previous weekend means it must have been quite bad. The facial was very nice but the shave was not so good, although I dont think I can blame the barbers themselves. The guy who shaved my face said that he got as close as he could but didnt want to go too close to the bone because he could see my face reacting. He asked if I wanted him to continue but I said that was ok for him to stop because at that point my face was pretty raw.

My girlfriend met me in town after my shave and she mentioned about how bad my neck looked after the shave, and after getting home and inspecting his handiwork while my face feels smoother the stubble was pretty noticeable, I think I can get a slightly better shave myself at home. Again, I dont think that is the barbers fault but I dont think I will be going to one again.

One thing that has come out of this though is that while we were walking back home my girlfriend said that she understands the discomfort I go through shaving my face, she had been thinking about it and decided that if I really wanted to get my beard lasered then I could. It was very unexpected and I love her so much for giving me permission to have it done, ive wanted to do it for a long time but she wasnt comfortable with the idea of me not having facial hair anymore. Ive told her for a long time how much my facial hair bothers me, and I think finally seeing the fact that not even professionals could do a good job has made her realise that it isnt fair on me to not have the option of doing it.


  1. I have never once regretted getting zapped (well that's a slight untruth as it does hurt me, although not everyone I might add). It might take sometime to complete but after a few sessions it really will make a difference.

    Be sure to do your research first and go somewhere where they have treated other girls.

    I can't tell you how good it feels not to have to trowel on the makeup anymore

    You have a very lovely girlfriend

    1. No pain, no gain! :)

      I dont know, on reflection now I actually have the choice to do it the permanency of it is quite scary. And even though I know I want to do it making such a drastic change gives me second thoughts. Once I do this its gone, no turning back, do I really need this? Then, ill also have to explain things to people too. I could explain about the facial irritation (well, it is true after all).

      Yes I will be researching first anyway, ill definitely be posing the question on Angels later as a start.

      Thank you, I am so very lucky. I do ask a lot of her and sometimes this makes me feel bad, but she is a reasonable person and I love her to bits!

  2. I know we are all different but seriously, no one noticed or said a thing. Not even now when its almost all gone .....

    1. I don't know, considering I only really shave when I dress up in order to keep the irritation down, I'm pretty sure people will notice. It doesn't matter though, it's my life ill do what I want!

  3. I guess time will tell. I would be lying though if I didn't feel what you voice - a worry whether what I was doing s the right path. For me, clarity of thought came later... Although at the time I had only small cobwebs concerns.....

  4. Oops I meant concerns.... Pah!