Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Plans For This Month

So it appears I might actually be going for a night out at the end of this month in nearby Bristol. Im not too sure of the exact plan at this point but I only have 2 days off work between now and then to plan and prepare, so I better get a move on!

I need to decide on an outfit, pick up accessories, a bag and maybe some new shoes. I need to finally get around to tidying up these eyebrows of mine. I need to practice eye shadow, eye liner and drawing in my brows too. We then need to figure out where we are going, how we are getting there, where we are getting ready, and how long we are staying for or maybe even if we are staying over. I also need to look at maybe getting my chest and arms waxed too, if not my whole body, and getting a cut-throat shave on the day. Im not going to be going to some T venue this time, im going to be out in a city centre on a Saturday night so I want to make sure I look decent.

The pressure is on!


  1. Hey how great is that. I hope you enjoy the getting ready as much as the night out !

    1. Haha unlikely. :) If it is anything like my last (well, my first and only) night out, it will be weeks of stressing. Finding the right outfit, the right accessories, getting my makeup right, and so on!

      The main thing im going to have a problem with is my foundation/concealer, it always looks far too caked on around the chin area because of the amount I have to use (damn beard shadow). Since im actually going out in public (in a city centre no less) I think this is going to irritate me a little bit.

      We shall see how it goes through the week though. Im going to get a cut-throat shave on the day, im hoping this will reduce the amount of face plaster I will need to use.

      I am looking forward to it though! :)

  2. Careful with the brow definition. Subtle = good. Scousebrow, not so good ;-)

    May I ask was concealer / foundation you're using? I'm interested to hear what you use, versus what folk at Chameleons use and again, with what I use.

    1. Haha yes. Someone on my team overdid it a little the other week in work, I definitely want to avoid that look! :)

      I currently use MAC concealer and gel foundation, and I use loose powder between layers and MAC studio fix powder as the last layer. I'm hopefully going to get some Keromask camouflage cream this week, I'm interested to see if this is more effective than concealer. What do you use?

    2. I always find my face makeup always looks caked on after a few layers, it's quite annoying!

    3. I've heard a few folk say how good the MAC stuff is. Same with Estee Lauder's Double DayWear - although that's a bugg*r to get off (apparently).

      Someone gave me a test tube (no, not the glass type) of Keromask and it was very heavy. Almost plastic-like in some respects. It certainly hid tattoos and whatnot, although how you'd blend it in, I don't know.

      Me? I use Clinique foundation and then powder on top to look less greased. :-) After a nice chat with a young lady at the make-up counter, she suggested a brush to help apply. That way - so she said - you can sweep where you don't need much, but 'stipple' where you do (jawline, 'tache area). So far, so good, but then I think I may be lucky in the light beard colour department.

    4. The MAC stuff does me well, but I have a very persistant dark beard shadow even when clean shaved, and I am yet to find something that works effectively at covering it up.

      I have some Keromask testers in different colours im going to try tomorrow. I think that if I use it like a concealer in a very thin layer to cover the dark parts, and then have a layer of foundation over the top it should look ok. We shall see though.

      Aw your so lucky. My beard is an absolute nightmare to cover up! :)

  3. Well, have a good time. 8-)
    The prep is half the fun. When you finally cut loose and it's just you and the handbag, the feeling is hard to beat.
    Don't forget to pack some spare tights though!

    1. Aw, thank you penny!

      Haha well, I'm actually finding the preperation a bit of a stress because I just don't have the time to prepare up until the day, and I'm not confident ill look good. Our group is also now down to 2 people which has knocked my confidence a little too.

      Thanks for the tights tip though, I'll bear that in mind! :)