Thursday, 4 July 2013

What To Wear, What To Prepare....

There is just over a week to go till Sparkle and im still no closer to figuring out what to wear or what to prepare. Its stressing me out a little now. The loose plan is to go out for food followed by a bar on the Friday night, maybe take it easy so we wont be struggling the next day. Then Saturday have lunch and go to the Sparkle day event, and then for the evening try and find some kind of alternative place to go to. Im trying to find some dresses/outfits that will be cool enough in case it is warm, but also cover my arms and chest because of my spots.

They are still spotty from the last time I shaved them a month ago and im thinking im going to have to plan my outfits accordingly. I have booked in to get my upper torso waxed next week just in case they have gone down enough but I am not holding my breath. I did want to go for a full body wax but my girlfriend isnt happy with that idea. She said me being totally smooth makes her uncomfortable, and while I have been totally shaved before she isnt happy with waxing it all because it will last much longer. I was a little annoyed at this since I really wanted to go all out for Sparkle, but it looks like I will just have to make do. I should be happy enough she lets me get away with what I do as it is.

Anyway, back to the outfits. I ordered a few things the others day which arrived and once again will be sending most of it back. Ive also ordered a few dresses from Amazon which should arrive tomorrow and might order a few more items today. I seem to have a thing for a brand called Numph lately, I really like their style and the prints they use. For the evenings, im thinking dresses and sandals, and for the Saturday day I think I might wear some trousers, sandals and a top. Im going to stay away from heels I think, although I might stretch to getting some low wedges. These are the dresses ive got/are getting:

In other news, on Sunday it is my male sides birthday (my T side is 4 days after), and to celebrate getting one year older me and my girlfriend are going to a spa for the morning. Im getting a deep tissue back massage, a scalp massage, and a facial too. That will be a nice way to loosen up before the next weekends stressing out. Afterwards some lunch and then we are just going to town to do some shopping, I have pre-warned her I want to pick things up for Sparkle so we will be out shopping for Aimee, and she is fine with this. It is my birthday after all! Then a meal with a few close friends and thats it, an early night then work the next day. I could have a party and invite loads of people but to be honest I dont like making a big deal out of it all, im quite happy keeping it low key. I havent even told or reminded most of my friends just so no fuss will be made.


  1. Its a lot different isn't it when you are dressing more for day to day than spending time at home! I find that and I also see that you can never have enough clothes or shoes.

    Shame about the full waxing but you can at least shave ? I hope that over time your girlfriend comes around to the idea.

    I have a feeling its going to be quite warm so sandals do seem the weigh to go. Sun screen at the ready me thinks.

    Happy birthday for Sunday and very jealous of your spa trip. I love facials, especially ones where I have been honest and told them. The ladies products smell so much better!

    1. Yes, its not only that but I suppose I want to make a good impression too. Everything has to be perfect, including the daytime outfit too. I dont want to overdress but I want to be smart enough, its a fine line which is made more difficult by the fact I dont even know what we are doing there! There is talk of an alternative club on the Saturday night, what do I wear to that?

      Yes, I can shave but its the state it leaves my skin in afterwards, it seems to be very sensitive to it.

      Thank you, I am quite looking forward to it although since I will be with my girlfriend I may not be so honest. Otherwise I would do!

    2. I have been told to expect all sorts of sights there so quite intrigued. I know we all want to be perfect but I think the aim should be to be comfortable - cant you model yourself on what your girlfriend is wearing ?

      As for the club - no idea. I think my club days are behind me ! Anyway I think that we are off somewhere in Manchester for a meal instead.

      Happy Birthday Aimee

    3. Oh by the way .... Fake tan needed on your milky whites ?

    4. Well my tastes and my girlfriends are very different, she has been trying hard to help me but I just cant find things that work. Most of the dresses I ordered annoyingly didnt fit right at all around the shoulders so have to be sent back, this now means I have a severely limited wardrobe to wear.

      Thatll be nice. Im pretty sure we will be eating out somewhere too but im still in the dark as to where we will be over the weekend.

      Thank you, it was a nice day! :)

      Oh, im not even going to bother with fake tan. Ive got too many other things to worry about between now and Friday without messing about with that too! Im happy to be pale!

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow, enjoy the pampering.
    As for spots, have you tried exfoliating? Hair removal gives F dreadful spots but regular exfoliation reduces the problem.

    1. Thank you Penny! I am looking forward to it!

      Ive only recently start exfoliating but will be doing it religiously to try and get the spots down. Thank you for the tip! :)