Saturday, 15 November 2014

T-Central Guest Post

A while back now I received an email from Calie over at  T-Central, asking if I would be interested in writing a guest post for their new series of 'Thoughts and Reflections'. Initially I was hesitant, I wasnt sure that I was going to be able to type anything that I felt would be up to standard. I felt like if I was going to write for her then my post should have meaning (like Lynn's excellent, motivational piece), rather then the self indulgence I usually post on here. But after countless attempts at trying to write something meaningful without coming across as preachy, I stuck to what I know and settled for the self indulgence anyway! I decided that my journey was the only one I was truly qualified to speak about, so I created a post which covered a brief bit of my history, along with some ponderings ive been having lately about how to fit all this trans stuff into my crowded and established male identity.

I spent a considerable amount of my free time working on it (when I should have been job hunting) and went through loads of different ideas, versions and edits. I found it quite difficult trying to be honest about what ive been through without sounding too negative/depressing, but I think I found a nice balance. And I also didnt want to spend ages waffling on, so I even cut loads out to try and keep it interesting. I just hope I didnt cut too much out and lose some of the points I wanted to make.

So yeah, if you are interested in reading it, my contribution to 'Thoughts and Reflections' can be found here. I would love to hear what you think.


  1. I hope you don't mind, I posted my comments over at T-Central..... seeing as it was, IMHO, a good post.

    I think you're right about how hard it is to get such a public piece ready. I mean, with blogs, this is our space, whereas guest posting.... it feels - at least to me - a bit more like you should make an effort.

    1. No problem, and thank you!

      That was the problem I was having. I tried all sorts of approaches, tried giving it a theme, but I just was not happy with what I was writing. I just sounded preachy, and I didn't like it. So in the end I just settled with what I know, and just hope that it resonates with a few people, which it seems to have done.

      Your post was amazing btw, I loved it! :)