Monday, 10 September 2012

Preparing For My First Night Out

Im meant to be going out on Friday for the first time dressed up and to be honest the lead up to it is frustrating me massively! Ive got some outfits together but the heels I bought are too loose, and im struggling with the makeup. Really struggling!

Ive just been to MAC and bought some concealer, foundation powder, and red lipstick for colour correction of my beard shadow on their recommendation, and I cant get it to work! I start by using a primer, then red lipstick over the beard, and then I have to use 3 layers of concealer over the beard and foundation over my whole face for it to look like it covers. The only problem is the texture doesnt look right, it looks 'bumpy' and caked on. Then dont get me started on the eye shadow! I cant get it looking right at all, I just look like ive been punched in the face.

Ive only got a few days to go and all this preperation is not only expensive but its stressing me out too!


  1. Whoa there girl, too much too fast!!!

    Learning to apply simple makeup takes time, a lot of time. Trying to do what you are doing is stuff I wouldn't even try (or bother) for a night out.

    Primer, lipstick, 3 layers of concealer and then foundation. I'm into the fingers on my second hand trying to count all that and unless you are highly skilled, it's going to look a flipping mess!

    Start simple, forget the primer initially, it's not the easiest of things to get used to and you have to apply it just right or it can get all flaky.

    The lipstick? Leave that for your lips for the moment. Again, this is the stuff of pros, using it to cancel out your beard.

    So, moisturise first. Wait for 5 minutes and then an even layer of concealer followed by a liquid foundation, MAC do one called StudioSculpt that actually manages to cover my growth without concealer. Powder it all down and then do the rest of the face.

    Eyeshadow is practice, practice and more practice. You cannot practice enough and this applies to all makeup! Watch some videos on youtube and search the Internet for articles.

    If you are trying to be ready for this Friday, perhaps think minimal instead of perfection. I liken this to my 3 or 4th trip out in public, I was trying to hard to look feminine and just ended up looking like Readymix supplied my makeup. I was too obsessed with covering the shadow and over time learned that it was better to look natural with the risk of a bit of black showing.

    Lucy x

    1. Haha, yep I know.

      I did some experimentation yesterday and eventually managed to get some decent results. I didnt use primer but still had to layer on a fair bit of concealer because my beard is too dark. The staff at MAC said this is the best stuff they sell for covering beard hair, and from what ive read online it is comparable to their full coverage pro foundation that comes highly recommended from many Transgirls but is only available in London. I just layered that with translucent powder over my beard then when it was more or less covered I then used the powder foundation all over my face.

      Im definitely going for minimal when it comes to the eyes though, like you said it takes practice and im still learning!

      I got some results I was happy with yesterday, I just hope I can recreate it tomorrow! :)