Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Getting Help

So today is a day of more packages coming to my house full of clothes for me. Ive got friends who dont know about Aimee coming around shortly to make some tunes so im not able to dress up, and im hoping they leave early enough for me to be able to iron and pack my clothes ready for my makeover session tomorrow.

The biggest news is one of the therapists I emailed over the weekend sent me an email this morning inviting me in for an appointment this week. Ive asked for Thursday evening and I hope its still available by the time she gets my email. I dont know what to expect to be honest, at the moment ive been feeling a lot better than I have in recent times but I dont want to kid myself im better and I dont need it, who knows when it could strike again. Maybe the act of coming out to my gf will make me feel better, negating the need for these sessions. Well have to see. I might just go for one and see how it goes.

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