Monday, 23 July 2012

It Is Done

So its done. I told her, she had a cry, I had a cry (only a little one mind), and were taking it from there. She understands that its not something I can help and its not going to go away, but cant get her head around why I do it. I cant really explain why either which doesnt help. Shes a little freaked out by the thought of it too but doesnt want to give up on us. At the same time if she cant come to terms with it she understands it might be the end of our relationship. Theres no animosity which is a bonus tbh, if we did split it would be amicable.

Shes not being bitter about it but is finding it difficult to cope because she cant speak to her best friend about it. Ive told her im happy for her to confide in her friend if she likes but if her friend breaks that confidence the fallout will affect both of us.

I havent been completely honest with my activities to date (no I havent met anyone dressed before) but I have told her I intend to socialise at some point with other TVs. She hasnt asked what my other name is yet and hasnt asked to see.

This is going to be an interesting week.

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