Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Coming Out Update

So yesterday was harder than actually coming out to her. I was totally honest yesterday with what ive been up to, where ive been, and who with. She was not coping well and eventually went to see her best friend to help her talk through it. I was not too happy about this, in an ideal world I only really wanted her to know and it felt like I was loosing control. I was angry, frustrated and felt very alone for a lot of the day, particularly when she was with her friend. I ended up drinking for a lot of the day because I didnt know what else to do.

Well it turns out that when she came back she was a hell of a lot more accepting and had calmed down dramatically. Her friend set her head straight and we are now going to move forward slowly with her having a bit more of an open mind. I got a text shortly after from my gf's friend saying ive got no reason to be weird around her and if I need someone to talk to then she is there for me. She said she knows nothing about it apart from Eddie Izzard so ive arranged to meet her on Friday 1 on 1 to answer questions so we can clear the air while her partner and child arent there.

Needless to say ive never felt more close to my gf than I do now, I hope we can make this work.

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