Sunday, 8 July 2012

Something To Look Forward to

So in a weeks time my gf will be going on holiday for 8-9 days, and I plan to continue to be off work during that time. This means im going to be putting into action the next part of my plan and also spend a lot of time as Aimee! This is probably going to cause some awkward explanations to my gf when she gets back but it needs to be done.

First off I plan to get rid of all of my body hair. Now I usually dress to accommodate my hair and make sure that I get rid of what I can (which isnt much) and then cover the rest, but it really doesnt help me feel the part. Im really quite excited about this and ive been looking forward to it for some time. Next I plan to get a makeover, not from a department store or anything like that, but hopefully from a local TG friendly individual who can help me sort out colours and also talk me through the process. There is someone in particular I will be getting in touch with shortly to arrange this. Then I will be buying my own makeup and frantically practicing that week before my gf gets back. Hopefully I will get some photos done too so ill finally got some nice pics which will show me complete.

Since I have time off I will also hopefully be trying to arrange some meets with other TG's. Apart from one person the other people I have been chatting to so far are new to me and this is quite scary. Im not a great social person, if someone doesnt have the same interests as me (and I dont have normal interests) I find it quite difficult to do simple things like keep a conversation going. I suppose my self esteem and confidence issues plays a part in this, im just not a great conversationalist. But im forcing myself to do this, I need an outlet for this side of my life. I need to share it with people because dressing up for me and my camera is fun but only for about 10 minutes and it gets very very lonely.

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