Monday, 16 July 2012

What Next

So this week is turning into a bit of an event for me. My gf is on holiday with her parents and that means im able to take the next steps ive wanted to take for so long:

Ive shaved my body from head (well neck) to toe. Its all gone, even the undercarriage. Heres a massive tip for you, dont use Veet for men, it is rubbish! Ive just tried a second go tonight and its just left loads of hairs everywhere. After giving up and going over again with my razor, other complications include tiny persistant hairs that the razor just cant seem to get all over the place but often barelly noticeable, shavers rash all over the place, hairs on my back I just cant reach and cuts all over the place. On the other hand, it feels amazing to be smooth!

Ive got some new boobs, they stick out about the same as my old ones but they are wider and as such look a lot fuller. I think they look a lot more natural than my old ones and im very happy with them.

Ive got loads more new clothes including my first LBD!

Ive arranged to go to a dressing service. Sophies in Bath to be exact, ive heard good things and after speaking to Juliette it sounds like im going to learn a lot. Its cost me more than I would have liked but what the hey I thought why spare expense. Im hopefully going to learn some things that will do me well so it should be money well spent.

Ive arranged to meet quite a few new trannys. Im not expecting me to get on with all of them but hey I dont know if I dont try.

Ive started emailing some local counselors/therapists to try and discuss my issues with them. Im hoping to get a session in this week. Im really bad for trying to self diagnose my state of mind, I really need to go in there with a clear head and let them do the figuring out,

Im still planning on sticking to the countdown and tell my gf when she gets back, im going to have to tell her something ot explain the loss of my hair! Ive got some websites and support groups for partners of trans girls to hand but I doubt it will be enough. I honestly think that countdown is representative of how long is left of our relationship.

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